Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just my Life and Whats New

So decided that i need to start doing my hair and this is what happend....HAHAH i need to dy it but i think im going to go all natural.... I was bored so i took a picture
This is little Olivia Marie...She is so sweet when she sleeps. Oh so peaceful. Ok so about this outfit.. my mom didnt want to buy this one, because girls dont wear ducks...haha i didnt care if it was for boys it was the cutest thing ever and Olivia looks so adorable in it..

Here is the other one that came with the duckies... i dont think it looks boyish...She is so peaceful!

Me and Brooklyn the week before Easter, still pregnant with Olivia! She is the cutest little girl ever, i love her and miss her :) she is my world. Now that i have two its even better.
So more about what has been going on. I like living with my dad in lehi because i am closer to things, like the bus, and i am more in town. I havent seen Brooklyn yet but i will be excited when i do get to see her. She is such a fun person to be around. Olivia is now 33 days old its went by so fast. I have two new best friends that i hang out with as often as i can. its nice. We are all single parents and we enjoy it, talking about how out babies dads suck and are lame and try to take over everything... STUPID MEN.... HAHAHA anyway that is what is going on so far. i dont really have much to say.. oh wait i have one other thing. I cant wait till i get a letter from my missionary!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Olivias first week!!!

Olivia was born on April 15, 2010 weird to day it but is 2010 already???? i dont like it. Olivia was born at 6 lbs 5 ounces and 18 inches long, at 3:14 pm. she was the cutest thing ever and i couldnt stop starring at her. she was so beatiful and when i looked in those eyes of hers i almost melted....yes she does look like her dad which isnt a problem!
Her dad wants to be around and i am fine with that except the fact that he wasnt to get a paternaty test done which i am not so happy about.. i mean come on thats like calling a girl out of a crowd and saying your a ho...LOSER.. So the decsion came to keep her was when she was almost one week old. i was so undecisive the whole time i was pregnant.. depressing but what happend has happend. I love my baby girl and i am so glad to be a mom. its a good feeling and it was the right time and the right place to keep her. I do not regret keeping her. i think it would have been even harder to place her. :( its not that i dont love my adoptive couple to death but i just couldnt let this one go. she belongs with me and i dont know why.

My life and who it involves

Hhere is a little about me i was born in Alaska and i was raised in Utah. i love utah always have. everytime i leave the state i wish i was back. I have two sisters and one brother. I have two daughters Brooklyn which is 3 years and 9 months old and Olivia which is a month old on thursday! ya how exciting is that???? I placed brooklyn for adoption and i love every moment of it. i also love my adoptive couple and the things they have done for me. My little girl (now big girl) is the cutest thing ever, she is so smart and can out whit and outwhiter. LOL i thought that i would talk about the different delivers that i have had.. and trust me they are two different experiance.
So lets just say that giving birth the second time sure beats the first time... i mean 13 hours versus 5 i would rather do 5....and the pushing time. Man was that a change 2 1/2 hours versus 9 mins... now thats amazing i tell you what i sure did enjoy it this time because my epidural wasnt as strong as the one last i hardly rememebr anything with brooklyn... with olivia it was all so different. i remeber the things that we did while wait and the mid-wifes coming in and chatting and the next thing ya know is they leave and come back ten mins later and tell me i need to push! it was an amazing experiance... that is all i have for now i will post something later... oh and i am so new at this and i dont care if you didnt want to hear about it.... you just did